Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

1. Title: Third U3A International Conference
  Year: 2012-13
  Sponsoring Agency: ISU3A, CCVS, JSF, ISD & APA
2. Title: World U3A Conference 2010
  Year:                            Feb 8-10, 2010
  Sponsoring Agency: Indian Society of U3A, MGCGV Chitrakoot, ISD Udaipur
3. Title: Vice Chancellors’ Conclave on Values in Education & its sources
  Year:                            2007-08
  Sponsoring Agency: Jain Vishwa Bharti University, IASE Sardarshahar

Conference in Session under the auspicious presence of  Acharya Mahaprajna
4. Title:  National Seminar on Population Ageing & Development, Allahabad
  Year: 2007-08
  Sponsoring Agency: ISD & GB Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad.
5. Title: Interaction meeting on IIT in Udaipur
  Year:                            Jan.22, 2007
  Sponsoring Agency: Prof. V.B.Singh, Guru Nanak Girls College & ISD
6. Title: Udaipur in Global Perspective : Special Lecture by Prof Yogesh Atal
  Year:                            May 22, 2005
  Sponsoring Agency: ISD, Udaipur
Prof. Yogesh Atal, former Unesco Reginal Advisor,delivering his keynote address.

Participating members important among which are: Shri K S Mogra, then  Chairman UCCI, Prof. B R Chauhan, Prof. S N Joshi, Prof. H S Verdia, & Dr. J K Doshi.
7. Title: Towards a social science policy in India
  Year:                            2004-05
  Sponsoring Agency: ICSSR/TRI/ ISD
Pro. Jagat Mehta, IAS, former Foreign Secretary, GOI delivers a talk on “Shifting Relevance & Irrelevance of History”


8. Title: Workshops on recent changes in reservation policy for senior offices of central & state governments, public undertakings & autonomous bodies  
  Year:                            2002-03 – 2,      2003-04 – 2,     2004-05 –1
2005-06 – 2,      2006-07 – 2,     2007-08 – 2
  Sponsoring Agency: ISD & National Commission for SCs & STs, Govt of India, Jaipur
Former Deputy Chief Minister GOR & Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Banwari Lal Bairwa posing with participants at Hotel Jaipur Palace, Jaipur

The Workshop in Session
9. Title: All India Sociological Conference
  Year:                           2003-04
  Sponsoring Agency: Indian Sociological Society  & ISD  with ML Sukhadia University, MP University of Agri . & Technology, Udaipur
10. Title: Tribal Situtation in India
  Year:                           2003-04
  Sponsoring Agency: Ethnographic & Folk Culture Society, Lucknow & TRI, Udaipur
11. Title: Rural Development: Challenges for 21st Centaury
  Year:                           2003-04
  Sponsoring Agency: Indian Sociological Society  and TRI, Udaipur
12. Title: Workshop on Research Methods & Survey Techniques
  Year:                           1999-00,           2002-03,           2003-04
  Sponsoring Agency: ICSSR, GOI
Addressed delivered by J P Verma, then Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Seated with him are: Prof. B R Purohit (L) and Prof. T M Dak (R).

Workshop in session.
13. Title: Third Colloquium on Author& Society: Special Lecture by Prof S N Joshi
  Year:                           Sept. 2001
  Sponsoring Agency: ISD, Udaipur
14. Title: Fourth Colloquium on Intellectual and Society: Special Lecture by Prof M S Agwani
  Year:                           Jan. 2002
  Sponsoring Agency: ISD Udaipur
Prof. M S Agwani, former Vice Chancellor J.N.U, delivering his address. Seated with him are: Prof. K N Nag, former VC, Sukhadia University (L) and Prof. B R Chauhan (R).

Prof. Jagat Mehta, IAS, former Foreign Secretary delivering his address. Seated with him are: Prof. M S Agwani, former VC, J.N.U (L) and Prof. B R Chauhan (R)
15. Title: Consultation Workshop on street & Working Children
  Year:                           1999-00
  Sponsoring Agency: Deptt. of Soc. Welfare, GOR


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