Following are the objectives of this institute:

  1. To organize, support and coordinate programmes of socioeconomic development of tribal, rural and urban areas particularly backward areas and weaker sections, women, children, elderly and disabled;
  2. To organize research programmes to find out problems, potentials and possibilities of different areas and classes;
  3. To  ensure participation of concernd people in programmes operating for their socioeconomic development and to provide support and to coordinate efforts being made in this direction by national & international institutions and governmental and non-governmental organisations;
  4. To organise educational/ training programmes and counseling centers for balanced, value-based educational and scientific personality development of children, adolescents and youth;
  5. To find out impediments in the way of accelerated socioeconomic development, workout their solutions and development strategies.
  6. To provide a solid forum to experts, educationists, administrators and development personnel and to organize conferences, workshops and training from time to time with an objective to develop more effective development strategies.
  7. To work towards studies and solutions of such burning problems as population, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition and gender discrimination and to lay stress on preservation of cultural heritage, and environment as also on the development of oriental learning;
  8. To prepare/ publish books, journals, reports and other information material related to social development and to offer information and documentation services on this subject.
  9. To mobilize financial resources for meeting objectives of the Institute and to manage  assets of the Institute.
  10. To organize any such programmes that meets the objectives of the Institute.

Expertise and Services Offered

  1. The Institute acts as a platform for social scientists, scientists  & technocrats, development experts and academicians sharing similar concern, to plan and implement programmes in their own interest areas even from their own locations.
  2. With its multidisciplinary regular and adjunct faculty, the Institute offers its expertise in the areas of
    • Rural, tribal and social development,
    • Project formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
    • Planning and execution of field and research studies, surveys and collection and analysis of data.
    • Organization of seminars, conferences and workshops
    • Planning, conducting and evaluating orientation and training programmes for officials, field/developmental Functionaries, representatives of non-governmental organizations and panchayati raj functionaries
    • Preparation and publication of research and survey reports, books, and monographs.



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